Cast Film Printing and Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Technical Specifications 
1. Extruder screw: φ90mm, length-diameter ratio: 32:1 
2. Made of 38CrMoAl, the extruder screw used on the printing and lamination line has been quenched, tempered and surface nitridized. 
3. The extruder barrel contains dedicated mixing and melting zones to ensure the raw plastics are thoroughly mixed. Thanks again this unique extruder barrel, large volumes of extrusion output are achievable. 
4. T-shaped die: JINGCHENG (brand name) (state-of-the-art thin-wall die), material: 5CrNiMoV, 
5. The extrusion die used on this cast film printing and lamination line has been through quenching and tempering processes to obtain good toughness and hardness. It is able to used at high temperatures frequently without deformation. 
6. Fully sealed gear box contains reliable gear sets with hardened gear teeth. 
7. Omron digital intelligent temperature control system 
8. Applications: 40gsm~120gsm base paper roll 
9. Raw material for lamination: PE, PP 
10. Effective width of printing and lamination: 1100~1600mm
11. Lamination thickness: 0.012~0.035mm (single-layer)
12. Lamination uniformity: ±6% (tolerance)
13. Peeling strength: 3~5N/30mm (according to the variety of substrate to be laminated)
14. Maximum extrusion output: 220kg/h (single-layer)
15. Designed speed: 0~100m/min
16. Double winding and unwinding rollers allow the slitter to maintain a high, constant speed even when the paper roll needs replacing. The imported PLC system adopts the vector control to adjust the tension during winding unwinding. Automatic deviation correction system comes with a trolley-mounted electronic power-train control. Deviation correction stroke: ±100mm, deviation control precision: ±0.5mm
17. Printing: 2-color gravure printing 
18. Printing drying method: electrically heating. Each heating unit has automatic temperature control which makes it easier to print various colors on the substrate.
19. Printing plate loading method: shaft-less drive and pneumatic control allows for rapid change of printing plates and accurate positioning. 
20. Printing plate diameter range: φ130~φ300mm
21. Registration accuracy: ±0.2mm (lengthwise), ±0.2mm (transversely)
22. Axial runout of the scraper: ±10mm, pneumatically controlled clutch
23. Pneumatic winding and unwinding shafts: 3inch (φ76mm)
24.Imported PLC system controls the roll tension during unwinding, printing and lamination speed (starting at a low speed with full load and gradually increasing the speed), and roll tension during winding. 
25. The extruder base comes equipped with the light rail. It can be moved flexibly forward or backward. Reliable and durable, the extruder base also has a positioning device. 
26. Automatic metering during winding 
27. Maximum diameter of unwound roll: 1000mm, maximum diameter of wound roll: 1000mm
28. Extruder barrel heating method: ceramic band heater (Note: Each section of the extruder barrel is equipped with an ammeter, and short-circuiter for electrical leak and overload protection.)
29. Die heating method: stainless steel internal heating system (Note: Each section of the die is equipped with an ammeter, and short-circuiter for electrical leak and overload protection.)
30. Installed power: 230kw
31. Dimension of the cast film printing and lamination line (L×W×H): 14400mm×9600mm×3200mm
32. Total weight of the cast film printing and lamination line: 24000kg (approximately)

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