Multi-layer Cast Film Extrusion Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Technical Specifications

1. Substrate Material: paper roll, aluminum foil roll 
2. Raw Stock: lamination-grade PE, PP resin
3. Effective Lamination Width: 600~1000mm
4. Lamination Thickness: 0.012~0.03mm (single-layer)
5. Laminated Layer Uniformity: ±5%
6. Peel Strength: 3~5N/30mm (according to actual substrate to be laminated)
7. Designed Speed: 0~150m/min
8. Maximum Diameter of Primary Unwound Roll: φ1200mm
9. Maximum Diameter of Secondary Unwound Roll: φ600mm

10. Maximum Diameter of Final Wound Roll: φ1200mm


1. From unwinding the substrates, through lamination, to the final winding, there are advanced electrical and mechanical devices at each step of the way. The imported PLC system allows users to maintain both separate and overall controls over various devices. Therefore, a high level of automation is achieved. 
2. Variable frequency drive is used to control the speed of the whole extrusion laminated packaging film production line. SCR system is employed for temperature control. The screen changer is powered by an electro-hydraulic system. Easy operation and high productivity are the major benefits of our cast film extrusion lamination line. 
3. Double substrate unwinding devices use an automatic deviation correction device to perform substrate guiding and deviation control. 
4. Automatic tension adjustment ensures the substrate is unwound at a stable, high speed. 
5. Before lamination takes place, the preheat roll heats and dries the substrate.  
6. The chilled roller of the cast film lamination extrusion line comes with a forced air cooling system to ensure complete contact and adhesion. 
7. Double semi-automatic take-up rollers rely on surface friction to wind in the finished film. 
8. Pneumatic cut-off device, adjustable side trimmer, and air blower for cleaning the film edges.  

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