Nonwoven Fabric Paper Cast Film Extrusion Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Nonwoven Fabric Cast Film Extrusion Lamination Line

Technical Specifications

1. Extruder screw: φ100mm, length-diameter ratio: 32:1, material: 38CrMoAl. 
2. The extruder screw has been through quenching, tempering, and surface nitridation. There are dedicated mixing and melting zones to ensure the raw plastics are thoroughly mixed and melted. This also ensures large-volume extrusion output. 
3. T-shaped die is made of 38CrMoAl, which has been quenched and tempered to ensure maximum toughness and hardness. The die is able to withstand high temperatures without deforming. 
4. Completely sealed gear box contains reliable gear sets with hard gear teeth. 
5. Digital intelligent temperature control system 
6. Applications: 20gsm~100gsm non-woven fabrics and other soft substrates 
7. Lamination Raw Material: PE, PP
8. Effective Width of Lamination: 2000~2400mm
9. Lamination Thickness: 0.012~0.030mm (single-layer)
10. Lamination Uniformity: tolerance ±8%
11. Peeling Strength: 3~5N/30mm (according to the specific substrate to be laminated)
12. Maximum Extrusion Output: 280kg/h
13. Designed Speed: 0~100m/min
14. Double unwinding rollers come with the magnetic particle brake to control tension. Maximum diameter of unwound roll: 600mm
15. The extrusion lamination machinery uses 4 take-up rollers with automatic metering functions. Maximum diameter of wound roll: 600mm
16. Pneumatic Winding and Unwinding Shafts: 3inch (φ73mm)
17. Installed Power: 150kw (approximately)
18. Dimension of Extrusion Lamination Line (L×W×H): 8500mm×8800mm×3200mm
19. Total Weight of Extrusion Lamination Line: 16000kg (approximately)

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