Printing, Coating and Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Technical Specifications 
Maximum extrusion output: 300 kg/h, 350kg/h, 400kg/h 
Linear speed of the printing, coating and lamination line: 80-100m/min
Main motor power: 75kw, 90kw, 110kw
Thickness uniformity tolerance: ≤±5%
Effective width: 2800-5000mm
Substrate: paper (50-400g/m2), woven cloth, etc. 
Resin: LDPE, PP, and other laminating resins
Diameter of Unwound Roll: Φ1200mm

Diameter of Wound Roll: Φ1200mm (center winder, surface winder)

Extruder: Φ120mm high-performance extruder
Coating Applicator: dip-coating roller 
Printer: flexographic printing
Extrusion die: high-precision die
Control method: high-precision PLC system with human-machine interface
Variable-frequency drive: vector control 
Tension control: automatic tension control during winding, unwinding and at various tension points