Thermal Film Extrusion Lamination Line

  • Extrusion Laminating Line
  • 01/06/2016

Technical Specifications 
Laminate Width: 800~1500mm
Maximum Mechanical Speed of the extrusion lamination line: 150m/min
Extruder: HL-90 or HL-100
Extruder Motor: 47~75kw
Maximum Extrusion Output: 260kg/h
Resin: LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA, LLDPE, EMA, EMAA, and other laminating resin (mainly 
Coating Thickness: 8~30μm
Thickness Uniformity: ≤±5%
Maximum Diameter of Unwound Roll: ф800mm
Substrate: BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPE, CPP, thin paper (50~200g/m2)
Coating and Drying: Gloss roller, floor-standing or horizontal drying oven
Maximum Diameter of Unwound Roll: ф800mm
Tension Control: Automatic tension control 
Extrusion Lamination Line Control Method: Imported PLC system, human-machine interface 

Variable Frequency Drive: Imported AC digital vector control (variable frequency drive)

Paper: Kraft paper., air-laid paper, and cardboard lamination to produce book packaging, snack packaging, duct tape for trash bag 
BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, and other plastic film lamination 
Non-woven fabric lamination, PE, PP stretch film extrusion lamination 
Aluminum foil and PE stretch film lamination 

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