PCTFE Film Extrusion Line

  • Special Film Extrusion Line
  • 31/05/2016

Molten PCTFE has a high viscosity and tends to degrade quickly over time. This makes the material difficult to process, if it is processable at all. The PCTFE resin, however, can be extruded by using an extrusion line to form thin films with thicknesses ranging between 0.001 and 0.01 inch. Injection molding is applicable to the resin as well to produce rods and tubes. 

In the spray painting process, PCTFE resin is often applied as the corrosion-resistant, non-stick, and humidity-resistant coating. PCTFE is also used as a binder that sticks to the surface of metal equipment. 

In fact, the number of uses of extruded PCTFE films is nearly endless. It is utilized as either the coating or the lining for various parts, such as the pipeline, valve, valve seat, stuffing box, gear, bearing, diaphragm, gasket, reaction vessel, storage tank, fan, and the centrifuge. PCTFE films extruded by our film extrusion line make good insulation materials for the high-frequency electronic device, power cable, and the electric coil.

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