PVDF Film Extrusion Line

  • Special Film Extrusion Line
  • 31/05/2016

The PVDF film extrusion line represents the latest development in HANDERN stretch film extrusion technology. It stretches PVDF film in both directions to form a material with higher tear strength, which can be used as the solar cell backsheet. Via biaxial stretching, the molecular structure of the film obtains composite orientations. In comparison to an ordinary PVDF film, the biaxially oriented film has better strength and straightness. 

Our PVDF film extrusion line outperforms most of its contemporaries in configuration, energy saving, and manufacturing and processing technologies. Overall performance tests show that each technical specification of HANDERN extrusion equipment reaches internationally advanced level. Our film extrusion machine is among the fastest and most advanced Chinese products for making extruded PVDF film. 

Main Technical Specifications

PVDF Film Width

1200mm (max)

Equipment Specification


PVDF Film Thickness


Annual output

20 million m2

Total Length of PVDF Film Production Line


Width of Production Line


Thickness Uniformity of The Film


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