Single-Layer/Multi-Layer Cast film Extrusion Line

  • Special Film Extrusion Line
  • 31/05/2016

The film mono or co-extrusion line uses the casting process to produce optical-grade PP film, iridescent film, CPP wrap, PE film substrate, PP film substrate, food wrap, pallet wrap, and stretch film. Benefits involved in using our cast film extrusion line include simple operation, high cost efficiency, maximum film uniformity, and easy winding. 
As a matter of fact, the cast mono or co-extruded film produced by our stretch film extrusion equipment has been used in many fields. The CPP cast stretch film, for example, is commonly used as the soft packaging for textile products, food, candies and flowers. It is also utilized as the base material upon which multiple layers of other films are applied. Another use of the CPP cast film is in the metal film and vacuum aluminum film. 
The LLDPE series co-extruded cast film is used as the pallet wrap to fasten loads of packaged goods on a pallet. It also wraps around food to be stored in a refrigerator for keeping it fresh. In agricultural and animal husbandry industries, LLDPE cast stretch film is useful in feedstuff production applications. The 10µm-thick self-stick stretch film produced from a mix of LDPE and LLDPE materials by our cast film extrusion line has good elongation and high level of cling. 
Technical Specifications

 Model No.





 Film Width (mm)





 Film Thickness (mm)



 Maximum Linear Speed of The Cast Film Extrusion Line (m/min)



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