Solar Cell EVA Film Extrusion Line

  • Special Film Extrusion Line
  • 31/05/2016

With advantageous manufacturing and processing technologies, HANDERN has what it takes to produce the best-in-class EVA film extrusion line in Chinese plastics extrusion industry. When you order from HANDERN, you get more than an extruded EVA film production line. What you will obtain from us is a complete solution that covers the raw material selection, material mixing recipe, extrusion process, and extrusion related equipment. This solution allows you to get the EVA film extrusion line going smoothly in the shortest possible time. 

Automatic material feeding equipment ensures the precise quantity of raw materials and multiple solid and liquid additives is fed into the EVA film extrusion system. Well-mixed, plasticized materials are pushed out of the extruder at a low temperature. A low-temperature operating environment prevents the premature cross-linking of polymer chains of the additives which would have led to untimely curing. The plasticization zone of the EVA film extrusion line adopts the unique design to avoid problems of materials peeling or sticking to the roller. 
Technical Specifications

Equipment Model No


EVA Film Width


EVA Film Thickness




Heat Shrinkage


Total Length of Production Line


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