Multi-Layer PE,EVOH,PA,EVA,PS,PP Sheet Extrusion Line

  • Plastic Sheet Extrusion Line
  • 31/05/2016

This series of plastic sheet extrusion line is mainly used to produce extruded sheets from PE, EVOH, PA, EVA, PS, and PP materials. It comes with a single-screw extruder that heats, shears and conveys the material to an extrusion die as well as other shaping and cooling devices to obtain the final shape and size. Depending on the kind of material to be extruded, HANDERN would choose a different screw design with a particular length-diameter ratio, plus a suitable extrusion die. 

Auxiliary equipment on this extrusion line is similar to that of the PVC profile extrusion line. Processes that taking place on this multi-layer production line include the following:

1. Extrusion 
2. Shape formation with the extrusion die 
3. Cooling and sizing to obtain the final shape under vacuum or normal operating conditions
4. Conveying
5. Cutting
6. Discharging 

The resulting 5- or 7-layer PE, EVOH, PV, EVA, PS, or PP sheet provides a good air and moisture barrier for the food wrapped within it. It traps air between the layers, giving the best protection for the food. 

Conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, conveyor, cutter, film applicator, and tilting rack, etc. 

1. Optimal design of plastic profile extrusion equipment is critical to productive operations. Made with the latest technologies in the world, this extruded sheet production line offers many benefits including uniform plasticization, low shearing rate, high productivity, and a long service life. 

2. The main extrusion equipment uses an imported AC or DC adjustable speed drive. It is temperature controlled using the Japanese RKC temperature controller. The auxiliary equipment comes with a brand-name vacuum pump and a traction motor. All these parts are easy to maintain and repair. By simply replacing the extruder barrel and extrusion die, the extrusion line can produce wood-like extrusions that are actually irregular foamed profiles. 


The corrugated sheet is often referred to as the hollow sheet in China. It is widely used in the jelly, high-grade meat product, instant rice packaging as well as medicine and cosmetic packaging industries.

Main Specifications

Model No.



Sheet Width



Sheet Thickness



Equipment Speed



Roller Diameter



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