Wuhan Handern Machinery Co., Ltd. has been in the plastics extrusion machinery industry since its inception in 2005. The company is the first of its kind to design, manufacture, and distribute quality PP, PE, and PC corrugated sheet extrusion lines.

Presently, HANDERN is operating at an 8.65-acre site with a total floor area of 20,000 square meters. It is home to more than 120 enthusiastic, outstanding employees, 38 of whom are technical specialists. Visitors will find us in Wuhan, a charming city in Hubei Province. The close proximity of our location to the airport, train station, and bus station ensures convenient transportation. 

From day one, HANDERN has been undertaking to create more value for customers. That is why we keep a close watch on the development trend of twinwall and multiwall plastics technology. Based on customer-specific needs, HANDERN makes corresponding improvements on the production line design, adopts new manufacturing process, and upgrades its extruding system, extruder die, cooling and shape formation method, and feeding and cutting systems. Each modification measure we take has been analyzed and proved. 

From November 12 to 16, 2008, HANDERN's first PP corrugated plastic sheet production line passed the extremely stringent acceptance test. Its production capacity is unrivaled by any equivalent equipment made by other manufacturers in the world. At the moment, we are engaged in mass producing the PP plastic sheet extrusion line. Back in 2010, HANDERN ranked No.1 globally for its manufacture and sales of that extrusion line. 

At HANDERN, we hire a team of professionals, and senior and medium-level technicians who have over 2 decades of experience in the design of plastics machinery and extruder die, automation control, and in the manufacture of plastics machinery and extruder die. With well-honed technical skills, advanced manufacturing equipment, effective quality control procedure, comprehensive inspection method, and modern EMS management system, HANDERN has what it takes to produce industry-leading plastics machinery. 

HANDERN's production facility is comprised of the plastics machinery factory, plastics extruder die factory, printing and packaging machinery factory, extruded plastics products factory, research and development center, new plastic material development group, and the prototyping workshop. 

Thus far, we have launched a total of 60 or so varieties of products. Our PP, PE, and PC corrugated plastic sheet production line, in particular, is made with best-in-class technology and has occupied the majority of market share in China which makes the product a household name in the global market. HANDERN plastics extrusion lines and other related equipment are popularly sold in Brazil, Serbia, Australia, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Mexico, and Canada. With rising popularity in the world, HANDERN has also built long-term collaborative relationships with many Chinese steel plants and auto parts companies. Certified under the ISO9001:2008 and CE standards, HANDERN will continue to provide strong technical support and operator training programs to customers for years to come.