Solar back panel coating lamination machine

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Solar back panel coating lamination machine

Main functions:

1.Unwinding unit:independent two working positions unwinding shelf,two sets unwinding all use auto cutting device auto cutting,EPC transversal edge agency,using the activity transversal traverse


2.Traction:Independent wall with good assembled,high precision,independent  close-loop tension control , can get stable coating tension, separate shelf with high installation precision.

3.Coating unit:coating glue use anilox roller quantitative coating method, anilox roller is the  shaft body structure, using pressure sensor involved in the tension control and tension digital display after coating glue.

4.Spin coating device: separate driver can select the appropriate speed continuous, surface line contact spin coating without change the original adhesive layer transfer quantity, the big speed difference of spin coating can increase the transparency after coating.

5.Oven:Negative pressure design of the whole oven, hot air can not blowing out of the oven, each zones automatic constant temperature control separately, oven vent  with EPC detection

6.Lamination unit:Back pressure roller design ensure uniform pressure on the whole wide, individual drive and closed loop tension control can guarantee the lamination film has the same tension to laminate,the finished product flat, the hot roller temperature controlled by heating circulation system, temperature control accurately, temperature accuracy is ± 1 ℃

7.Pre-heating unit:Active preheat roll ensure lamination film and the basic material with same speed, lamination film and the basic material laminated with the same temperature , will not curl up & deformation caused by temperature difference.

8.Cooling unit:Active running with the same speed as the lamination roller can avoid tension changes,S large angle corners ensure high speed running with good cooling efficiency.

9.Winding unit: Safety chuck + expansion shaft supporter , change rollers fast,. supporting force uniform, centering accuracy, zero speed difference refueling tension stability, low rejection rate

10.Tension system:The whole machine system with tension control,swing roll detection,PLC system control,tension control with high precision,increase and decrease speed tension stable.

Max. Lamination speed


First unwinding diameter


Second unwinding diameter


Winding diameter


Drying method

Electric heating or thermal oil heating (users choose)


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