Extrusion casting breathable film lamination with non-woven fabric machine

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Extrusion casting breathable film lamination with non-woven fabric machine

Production line speed: 50-100m/min Product width: 1500mm-2000mm

Product: Roofing materials, building materials

Overview: The raw materials are granulated by a twin-screw granulator. After drying and directly feeding to the extruder for extrusion, it can be extruded in single or three layers. Casting and then passing through the MDO uniaxial stretching unit stretched and heat set, and the stretched breathable film is directly thermally composited with the front and back two-layer non-woven fabric, and is wind into a large roll. Breathable film trimming and online recycling device ensures the rational use of raw materials, and the large rolls are printed ,dried and then rewind into small rolls.

Application: Roof waterproof and breathable composite film.


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