BOPP/BOPLA/BOPET Blaxially Oriented film production line

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BOPP/BOPLA/BOPET Blaxially Oriented film production line

PET biaxially oriented film mainly used for P-layer of solar cell back panel TPT,thickness range is 0.20mm-0.35mm.After ram material pre-treatment,extrusion forming,vertical stretch,horizontal stretch to produce biaxially oriented film products.

BOPLA film is a biodegradable environmental protection plastic film,thickness is 0.02-0.08mm.

BOPP,BOPET biaxially oriented film mainly use in packing,printing and electronic products,thickness is 0.01-0.06mm.


This machine can make:PE biaxially oriented battery separating film

             PVDF biaxially oriented solar cell separating film

              Biaxially oriented microporous breathable film


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